Business-Staffing Firm Consulting Services-Columbus, Ohio

For Consulting/Staffing Firms:

Building and sustaining a thriving services business in a changing market is not a casual endeavor. What’s the right time to invest?  What expenses are truly discretionary?  Advisory and Consulting Services can help with models, techniques, and practices appropriate for growth and recessionary cycles, tailored to your stage of growth.

  • Assessment and coaching for Sales, Recruiting, Operations & Leadership
  • Strategic and tactical planning
  • Target market identification
  • Sales / Recruiting model development & implementation
  • KPI development & implementation
  • Screening and hiring of sales and recruiting talent
  • Applicant tracking / order management system selection and implementation
  • Coaching for executive leadership, and sales  / recruiting management

For Business / Technology Leaders:

When faced with a challenge, an executive can engage consulting firms and solution experts that provide teams of resources (at fees that match their size), or take a chance with firms that specialize in temp labor.

Advisory and Consulting Services fills the gap between these firms by understanding your challenge and engaging professionals with true consultative skills and subject matter expertise.

Areas  of expertise include:

  • Technology adoption (mobile, cloud, etc.)
  • SDLC framework and adoption (Agile,  XP, etc.)
  • Application  architecture and roadmap
  • RFP development and system selection
  • Organizational development
  • Workforce strategy and models
  • Project ROI analysis

Staff Augmentation

Sometimes the solution is staffing.  Our differentiation is the ability to listen, understand, and then bring the right resource the first time.

We go beyond a simple “buzzword match” on a candidate’s resume’ to understanding what the day to day job will be and criteria for a successful fit.

Additional Services

With over 20 years in the consulting and staffing industries, Advisory and Consulting Services has experience with a variety of workforce solutions.

  • Board of Directors services
  • Executive search services
  • Staff development and training
  • “Quick Hit” training sessions on specific topics
  • Hiring practices and onboarding

Services are tailored to your specific needs. Business & Advisory Services will help you identify problem areas, formulate a plan to address them, as well as sustain progress for the future.