One Step Back, Two Steps Forward

One Step Back, Two Steps Forward ( A change from the regular business-related post, but a lesson was learned.  Originally written for a local publication) Mid Ohio:  The Longest Lap Like many of us, I’ve been a car guy since I was old enough to stand on a milk box [...]

Simple Habits For Sales Success: Savor the Moment

A major milestone in my business just went past, and I completely failed to notice it, much less acknowledge it.  It made me think about the journey of building a business, the challenges along the way, and the little victories that happen every day that we forget to appreciate and [...]

Simple Habits for Sales Success: Play Loose

Simple Habits for Sales Success: Play Loose We’ve all seen individuals and teams at the top of their game.  While watching an athlete turn in a dominating performance is great, It is a truly something to marvel when we see the same person or team with seemingly insurmountable challenges, or [...]

Simple Habits for Sales Success: Ask. Listen, Understand

What are the characteristics of the best sales people that have served you?  The best sales person could be a supplier you work with, the person down the street that runs the bike shop you go to, or maybe the trainer at your gym. When I ask this question, I [...]


 Many sales people go into sales calls winging it, or simply follow a script that “guarantees” success.  Then, they walk out with no clear next steps or real understanding of the client’s needs and opportunity to do business.  I’ve noticed the top sales people, the ones who are consistently successful [...]

Lessons from a Year of Business Consulting

I am quite pleased that my fledgling venture, Advisory and Consulting Services LLC, has reached its first birthday.  The indicators are positive, and figuring out how to scale the business is what keeps me awake at night.  A good problem to have! During my first year, I’ve worked with business [...]