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Pearls for Small Business

We've all  heard the phrase “pearls of wisdom”.  Sometimes, a person gives you a pearl but you don’t recognize it. You toss it in a drawer and forget about it.  Then, years later as you are searching for an answer, you find it again under a couple of decades of [...]

Sustainability, Growth, and Letting Go

Those who have had the experience of working with me as their manager, know I am an unabashed control freak. Delegation is an issue with me.  Quick decisions are also not a strong point; I tend to be analytical and extend decision making. (I am sure I have many other [...]

Watching The Snow Fall (subtitled “When did THAT happen?”)

Being a "low-maintenance" kind of guy, I wear my hair - or what's left of it - short.  I tell the barber "2 on the sides, 3 on top, no sideburns, and block the back".  So haircuts are a pretty simple affair.  I have no doubt that a skilled barber [...]