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The Right Activity Leads To Results

Like many folks in business today, I am pulled in multiple directions, subject to the whim of others in my personal and professional circles.  When in the midst of... Launching a new business venture and setting up the proper legal and operational structures Prospecting for new clients Delivering to existing [...]

Consulting for Consulting Firms

I am launching my own firm that, among other things, provides advisory and consulting services to professional staffing and consulting firms.  Sounds odd doesn't it: consulting services for consulting firms. Taking a closer look shows that it's not so odd.  Consulting firms face the same challenges that all businesses face: [...]

Let the Prospect Decide To What To Buy…Or Not

As a sales person, you are in the following situation: You are in front of a prospect who, on the surface, seems like an ideal fit for the product or service you provide. You believe you do everything right in this meeting.  You establish rapport, commenting on pictures of the [...]

Why We Miss The Simple Things

In my experience, many of our seemingly complex challenges can be distilled down to basics. We consult trusted advisors and mentors to tell us the obvious.  Chances are the solution recommended will be straightforward, and we ask "Why didn't I see that?" and the answer will be because we were [...]

When NOT To Use A Consultant (aka, “Keep the Simple Stuff In Mind”)

We have consultants for everything: career coaches, Life Coaches, spiritual advisors, personal trainers, golf coaches, business strategy consultants, sales consultants, etc. While an advisor can be of tremendous help, we have the power within ourselves to do much of the same analysis on our own.  My experience is that at [...]

The Sweetest Sound One Can Hear…

Those that know me also know one of my favorite sayings: "There is nothing so sweet as the sound of one's own voice." I am not the originator of this saying, but most certainly I have been known to get carried away in presentations and conversations on topics I am [...]